Blogs & The Medici Effect

The Medici Effect argues that the chances of innovation happening at the intersections of seemingly unrelated disciplines is more. Blogs, serving as a tool for Personal KM and creating connections seems to have a key role in creating these intersections and making innovation happen in organizations . Lilia Efimova has written a paper on weblogs and the nature of knowledge work and goes beyond the obvious benefits of blogs. She speaks about how weblogs contribute to the creation of innovative ideas by creating cross disciplinary connections. She says “As personal interests of a blogger can vary a lot, these recommendations are not limited to one specific area. Compared to closed professional associations, publications or conferences, open nature of weblogs supports establishing cross-disciplinary connections (Aïmeur et al., 2003) that fuel development of innovative ideas.”
Dave Pollard speaks about Continuous Environmental Scan and the need for Serendipitous reading. He says ” Stop reading matter, start reading what matters”. Blogrolls of experts serves this purpose of being recommendations of content we could trust and also gives us the opportunity to do some serendipitous reading.


3 thoughts on “Blogs & The Medici Effect

  1. Sorry about that..hit the wrong button!What I meant to say was thanks for recognising the connection with blogging and the intersection…So often knowledge seems synonmous with synergy i.e. it ‘needs’ the interaction of systems and individuals..Then every couple of centuries people like Da Vinci and Einstein come along and their individual depth of understanding is so great that it appears to render intersectional theories irrelevant.

  2. Thanks for the comment Robert.With a web of links,comments,trackbacks and blogrolls the chances of finding newer intersections seems to increase dramatically within the blogosphere.In my opinion,bloggers,blog readers and enterprises would all benefit when they stumble upon an “unexpected” intersection that could be of potential benefit to all.It would help to have a process to cull out the ideas that emerge out of these intersections and leverage them. One of my earlier posts might interest you as well. Please see here

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