Culture & Poor Technology Implementation

I stumbled upon in CollaborationCafe. The site has some very interesting reports though they are some what old. I liked the report on the role of IT in enabling Collaboration and some of the key challenges yet to be addressed. One of the interesting aspects that stands out is the fact that Knowledge creation benefitted least from IT support while collaboration benefitted the most. Self service and Analysis & Desicion making are inbetween. While there is a lot of talk about “cultural issues” and that technology is not THE solution, this report suggests that we need to remember that technology IS a part of the solution.More so for distributed large organizations. From what I understand from the report most of the problems( like low user base,empty portals etc.,) are a result of user frustration with the virtual collaboration tools rather than any serious cultural issue per se (or) perhaps that poor implementation has atleast as much a role to play as a knowledge hoarding culture.


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