Knowledge Sharing-A Complex Practice

Denham takes a deep-dive into the nuances of knowledge sharing and the issues surrounding it including sharing expertise as patterns,capturing rationale,sharing metaphors and stories etc.,
He argues the need to have solid understanding of collaboration and group processess and reinforces that groupware tools by themselves are not solutions to knowledge sharing problems that enterprises face.

He goes on to say that :”Clearly KM folk talk a lot about knowledge sharing, but we have done little to explore the patterns, gather solutions, understand the role of context, and explicate the real meaning of this complex practice.”

One of his metaphors on the benefits of knowldge sharing is very straightforward and gets to the crux of the issue: “ Sharing knowledge is comparable to sharing your lighted candle: you have the opportunity to share your flame with others who have unlit candles, increasing the visibility for everyone and losing nothing yourself or you may keep your candle to yourself and get by with a feeble flickering single candle which is eventually going to burn out anyway. By sharing the fire with others, we enable others to keep the fire going and grow it, benefiting everyone. Which scenario do you choose? Which scenario do you think most people choose? Why do you think people don’t share knowledge more easily?”


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