Consensus Seekers-Judging Quality of posts in threaded discussions

A comment in the APQC KM Blog led me to this interesting site consensusseekers

Dave who runs this site says : “The project attempts to speed up the process of finding quality input by asking participants to sort a set of several posts (the top-level posts under a given topic, or the replies to a given post, for example) into a list reflecting their quality. It combines the ranking input from a number of members to identify those posts that are recognized as having quality. Posts recognized as having less quality can then be skipped by readers who don’t have time to read all input.

The reason he began this site : “The working together aspect of what I was saying reminded him of the Slashdot website. It had the basic idea, but something was missing. I also later found Wikipedia and E-ThePeople. All of these sites allow members to judge individual posts, but none allowed a member to judge posts against each other. So I built one that does, and here it is!



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