Knowledge Pentagon-India's National Knowledge Commission

A National Knowledge Commission has been setup by the Government Of India to sharpen India’s knowledge edge in the 21st century.

Quoting from the news item:

The main terms of reference of the Commission, referred to as the Knowledge Pentagon — include

(i) building excellence in the educational system to meet the knowledge challenges of the 21st Century

(ii)promote research in Science and Technology

(iii) improve the management of institutions engaged in IntellectualProperty Rights

(iv)promote knowledge applications in agriculture and industry

(v) to promote the use of knowledge capabilities to make the government effective, transparent, accountable and public-oriented.”

The commisssion is headed by Sam Pitroda who led India’s telecom revolution in the mid-1980s.
He says : “I was sure in the 1980s. At that time people thought I was crazy. I looked weird anyway…For today you see that India’s telecom penetration has gone up from two million to 100 million and we have become self-sufficient in oil-seeds and the literacy level has gone up from 37 percent to 62 percent…We will make a dent. How big a dent, time will judge


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