Waypointer:In-Context Process Guidance

Ivar Jacobson’s company Jaczone has an excellent product, Waypointer that seems to be of significant interest from a KM perspective. The primary idea behind the product is “in-context process guidance“. Though the current focus is on software development, I see no reason why this cannot be extended to other knowledge intensive work. While replacing a real mentor with a e-mentor might not be realistic, the kind of benefits that such a tool brings to the table in specific areas(by augmenting a real mentors role) needs to be acknowledged. Some of the other areas where these “in-context” process guidance tools could be helpful include insurance underwriting,quality assurance etc.,

This is what a report in META has to say:

Rather than sitting idle and waiting for the developer or the architect to ask
a question, WayPointer uses rules and agents to actively monitor the process and the state of models. It can then proactively suggest steps to take or design guidance.”

Getting stuck in analysis paralysis or over-engineering early in a project defeats such values. Learning the right mix is hard to obtain from a book or a class, but having an intelligent system watch and guide along the way is more like having a skilled mentor alongside. Because the system can do consolidated reports across a project team, it also enables organizations to not only understand project velocity, but to also identify potential areas where specific training or mentoring may be needed.”

Early users reported reduction inoverall training costs and improved overall productivity.


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