Communities Of Practice-Dissecting its complexity

David Meggit and I had a series of conversations in June on “Helping executives understand the value of communities of practice”. David created a mind map reflecting the essence of our discussions.It covers multiple dimensions of the problem :

Enlightening Leaders

Asking powerful questions(We thought Appreciative Inquiry and NLP were good techniques for this)

Managerial Leadership-Inspired by the work of Nick Bontis & JacFitz-enz

Executives learning to be business sponsors. “Nurture” Vs. “Manage”

Creating a healthy environment



2 thoughts on “Communities Of Practice-Dissecting its complexity

  1. Determining the value of communities of practice is like determining the value of leadership or trust or innovation. We know its valuable but its hard to find objective evidence. Part of the problem is that we are dealing with a complex system and determining the causal links between CoP activities, people learning, people changing behaviour and organisational performance is impossible.I think we need to appreciate the value of CoPs from two perspectives: demonstrating to those who can provide resources that CoPs are effective–this is an issue of persuasion and narrative plays and important role; and developing indicators of community health for the community leaders to continually improve the community.

  2. ShawnI agree with you.This was not an attempt to come out with a comprehensive cause-effect map but rather to explore multiple dimensions of the problem.And I think asking powerful questions is a good way to help managers bring to surface their assumptions and test them.Does asking powerful questions play a role in persuaion and narrative?

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