Knowledge Transfer-Outsourcing

A recent article in CIO speaks about the challenges of knowledge transfer specifically in the context of outsourcing. Here is a snippet from the article.

The following are key considerations for a successful knowledge transfer and mitigation of the risks involved in the start-up of an outsourcing arrangement:

  • Keep attention focused on knowledge transfer throughout the transition.
  • Recognize that reducing the knowledge transfer effort can affect the overall success of the outsourced support model.
  • Perform knowledge transfer planning independently of the selected provider.
  • Make sure the documentation process starts on schedule.
  • Require comprehensive and detailed documentation from the provider.
  • Retain the key legacy staff members.
  • Be aware of the effect of possible high turnover at the provider’s center.
  • Implement a knowledge management program following the transition.”

As the market gets increasingly commodotized outsourcing service providers who have a robust knowledge transfer process defined which goes beyond mere documentation would have an edge.Check out the comments at the end of the article as well-some of them are interesting.


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