The Need to Act on "Actionable Knowledge"

Collaboration helps build and understand context around content. And understanding context is the key to applying knowledge in new scenarios.In other words collaboration plays a key role in creating “actionable knowledge”. It makes sense to start thinking of knowledge creation as a process of negotiation between the producer and his/her peer community.By co-creating knowledge and having it validated as it gets created by a peer community would create truly actionable knowledge. However,the road doesn’t end here. Would people act on the “actionable knowledge” they have access to? It is not about getting people to “use” KM systems. It is more to do with ensuring that people act differently and that they make better decisions using the knowledge(This could be content or the collective knowledge of the community) that they have access to. Doesn’t all of this seem to be boiling down to more fundamental questions:

1. Has your organization succeeded in disseminating its vision and mission to all levels?

2. Has your organization succeeded in aligning coporate values like “Learning and Sharing” with individual values?

3. Are your employees engaged at work and are they willing to learn?


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