Tagging Applications & People

Mike Gotta writes about the potential uses of tagging in enterprises in his blog Collaborative Thinking. He writes about how “application centric” tags as compared to “content centric tags” can help. He envisions using tags/tagging in two broad ways:

1. As an intelligence gathering and routhing mechanism-Tagging Applications

2. Tagging People

Quoting from the post:Tagging as a type of speech and conversation is an emerging area of social software research with some examples within consumer-oriented services. Tags applied to people provide anecdotal information that might not be captured in formal applications.

Building on this view, I feel tags would play a key role in capturing the context of exceptions and ensuring that it gets routed to the right people. Handling exceptions is a major cause of operating expenses in organizations. John Hagel III and JSB write about this in detail in their new book.


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