Mobile Apps-Interacting with the physical world

Here are some mobile apps that allow interaction with the physical world in interesting ways:

1. ScanR – Allows you to scan a document or whiteboard using a cell phone or digital camera and convert that into a pdf doc that gets emailed to you. Alternatively you can fax this as well.

2. nThrum – Focus your camera cell phone onto any text in the physical world(say a book or newspaper or billboard) and search on the web.

3. Geovector – Users can point their mobile phones at restaurants and get reviews, point at billboards and go directly to the advertiser’s mobile site for shopping, point at a movie poster and buy a ticket, play a game by pointing at their friends !! . They have a nice caption :”Click on the real world”.

And then there is Vivox providing Voip services in virtual worlds like Secondlife. [ Via SocialSoftware Weblog]


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