Yochai Benklar's Book On Social Production

I just started reading Yochai Benkler’s The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom

Here is a quick snippet from the introduction :

A series of changes in the technologies, economic organization, and social practices of production in this environment has created new opportunities for how we make and exchange information, knowledge, and culture. These changes have increased the role of nonmarket and nonproprietary production,both by individuals alone and by cooperative efforts in a wide range of loosely or tightly woven collaborations. These newly emerging practices have seen remarkable success in areas as diverse as software development and investigative reporting, avant-garde video and multiplayer online games. Together, they hint at the emergence of a new information environment, one in which individuals are free to take a more active role than was possible in the industrial information economy of the twentieth century.

Im already thrilled !! Understanding the social implications of peer production is of great interest to me and I am sure this book would be of great help. There is a nice review of the book here
And yes, there is a wiki that goes with the book. A pdf version of the book is available here.


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