Inner Management – Missing Dimension?

I was listening to Tom Malone’s speech on The Future Of Work. His views on the “choices individuals have” in a increasingly decentralized world have a lot in common with Yochai Benklar’s ideas on “Individual Freedom”. Benklar in his new book Wealth Of Networks writes :”This diversity radically changes the universe of options that individuals can consider as open for them to pursue. It provides them a richer basis to form critical judgments about how they could live their lives, and, through this opportunity for critical reflection, why they should value the life they choose.

Malone towards the end of his speech asks: Given the choices we will have how do we make wise choices? What kind of a world do we want to create? What do we want? To answer these questions we need to listen to our inner voices. Logic,politics and economics will not answer these questions. He goes on to quote E.F.Schumacher from Small Is Beautiful : Everywhere people ask: “What can I actually do?” The answer is as simple as it is disconcerting: we can, each of us, work to put our own inner house in order. The guidance we need for this work cannot be found in science or technology, the value of which utterly depends on the ends they serve; but it can still be found in the traditional wisdom of mankind.

Incidentally, I was listening to a talk by Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation on “Inner Management”. I feel this is really important from an individual’s point of view in a world of decentralized decision making and increasing autonomy.

He says : “…If we are doing management for human well being, in the process of doing something, in the process of managing situations, it is not only about producing something or making profit, human beings should rise to their full potential.

If we manage a situation properly, in simple process of working, you and the people who are working with you, should be able to raise to your full potential.

When I say rising to full potential not just work potential but as human beings they must be able to rise to their full potential.

If people work together, then people should be able to rise to the peak of their love, peace, compassion within themselves. If this doesn”t happen then its bad management, because all management, the basic intent is human well being.

If that is not happening you are just producing someething, you are making little profit, but human beings are getting broken in the process….”

Sample audio clip here. Another book of interest is the Sphere Of Silence by Vijay Easwaran.

Stephen Covey’s review of this book:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that silent space, or sphere, lies our power of choice. In those choices lie our peace, balance, happiness and growth. This beautiful little book inspires silence and wise choices. I need this wisdom constantly. Prayerful, pondering, centering meditation in silence has been the source of true victory, private & public, all my life.”

Spiritual Integration will become increasingly important for individuals and enterprises in the coming decades. Chief Spiritual Officers, anyone?


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