Knowledge & Sensemaking Are Emergent Properties

Luis Suarez writes about The World is Round . I left a comment on his blog. However, I thought I should post it here as well. Luis feels that for a transition to happen from information sharing to knowledge sharing, communities and collaboration are key. He also quotes Larry Prusak : “Until our governments, NGOs, schools, corporations, and other institutions embrace the idea that knowledge—not information—is the key to prosperity, most of the world’s people will remain a world apart“.

Here is my take on this : I feel there are many communities out there which focus on knowledge per se.Wikipedia is a great example. It has the community and the collaboration factors Luis is speaking about. Further, I disagree with Larry when he says that information alone may not be the key to prosperity. For instance,here in India,there is an initiative called e-Choupal (meaning “village meeting place”)which allows farmers to check prices in local auction houses and the prices of soyabean futures at the Chicago board of trade.This basic information helps farmers make more margins and lead a better life.Just being aware of the “price of a commodity” can transform the lives of people. Focus on connectivity and information. Sensemaking will follow-that is an emergent property!!


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