Value Alignment & KM

Don Cohen of the Working Knowledge Research Center at Babson College had written about how having a higher purpose helps knowledge sharing. Quoting Don:

“Knowledge workers are unlikely to devote time and talent to knowledge management activities if the only articulated purpose for those efforts is to save money for the corporation. The CEO and CFO and major stockholders may be inspired by those dollars, but most employees aren’t. In many cases, though, profit-making companies can also legitimately invoke a higher purpose to support knowledge sharing—perhaps scientific discovery or the public benefits of their products or services or even pride in the quality of work accomplished.”

Organizations that succeed in value alignment are more likely to benefit from the rollout of social software for knowledge sharing. Do your employees understand the vision,mission and values of the organization in letter and in spirit? Answering this question is crucial. Once we get this straight, we need to take stock of all organizational and structural barriers that prevent knowledge sharing. (like salary and bonus structures that encourage knowledge hoarding).
While it is obvious that these barriers need to be dismantled, they are usually ignored.


One thought on “Value Alignment & KM

  1. A general KM sharing motivation problem. It’s a systemic problem. Yep, company value, or extend the concept to company culture may act important roles. On the earth, the most important is that how the KM can benefit guys who contribute knowledge. Do you have any ideas on it?

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