Co-creating Experience

Two iconic brands, Apple and Nike have announced a partnership that would take the experience of “working out” to a new level. A press release on Apple’s site says:

“The new Nike+ Air Zoom Moire is the first footwear designed to talk to iPod. Nike plans to make many of its leading footwear styles Nike+ ready, connecting millions of consumers to the Nike+iPod experience. With the Nike+ footwear connected to iPod nano through the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. The kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that attaches to iPod. A new Nike Sport Music section on the iTunes® Music Store and a new personal service site help maximize the Nike+iPod experience.”

This is exactly what the authors of “The Future Of Competition: Co-Creating Unique Value With Customers” wrote about. Value is not the product or the service per se but the co-creation of experiences – in this case the joy of working out !! It would be interesting to watch if the site can morph itself into a free-form customer community where customer-customer interaction brings in more value to the whole experience.


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