Enterprise 2.0 – Impact On Employee Engagement

A lot has been written about using blogs and wikis for internal communications. Groups that create policies within enterprises stand to gain from continuous employee feedback – Blogs and Wikis could enable this. Typically as soon as policy decisions are published on the intranet(say a new compensation policy) the buzz begins. Employees start speaking about it – on email and IM and face-to-face. There is positive and negative word-of-mouth. This buzz is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. It presents the organization with an opportunity to gauge employee sentiment in real time.
It is difficult to draft a policy that is 100% bullet-proof no matter how rigorous your due-diligence is. Blogs are a great way to listen and in the process tame the grapevine. There is a need to fine tune policies as we move along and for this to happen there is a need to engage employees in the process – Call it the “Participatory Enterprise” or “Enterprise 2.0” or whatever. While doing an Employee Satisfaction Survey once a year maybe a good idea, usually it turns out that the interventions are too little and too late. The grapevine would have choked the enterprise by then – it would have become a part of the folklore in the organization. It is not sufficient to put a feedback@xyz.com on your policy page. It is not enough to have a telephone number. There is a need to engage large sections of employees in the design, fine-tuning and implementation of policies. Get real time feedback that is visible to everyone in the organization, challenge assumptions that employees may have(which could be the root cause of negative word-of-mouth) and clarify expectations. Blogs and Wikis are good tools to do this. The benefits are obvious.


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