Why Irrelevant Work Experience Matters?

Many organizations ask for “relevant work experience” when they hire people for open positions. In many cases any other work experience that is not relevant to the current position is ignored. In my opinion, “irrelavant work experience” is important on two fronts:

  • To bring in serendipity and foster innovation
  • To build leadership in the organization

Whether one waited tables at a restaurant or volunteered to clean up the neighbourhood, what really matters is the metamorphosis that happens in the process. In many cases, it is in these so called “irrelevant” circumstances that personal transformation occurs. These are the moments of truth which shape our value system. The situtations we encounter, the people that we meet, the trials and tribulations add new dimensions to what we are as individuals. But does all of this matter when you hire a “Developer” or a “Bank Teller” and so on? It doesn’t as long as you consider people to be another cog in the wheel. If you are serious about innovation in the workplace and building leadership in your organization you need to bring back emotion to the center of your hiring process and your business.


One thought on “Why Irrelevant Work Experience Matters?

  1. you need to bring back emotion to the center of your hiring process and your business.–Aha well said!i esp. agree with the irrelevant work experience part.however inspite of working 2 years in the same zone/area i still feel irrelevant!! :-)perhaps i am not completely able to relate to my work as a personality..only a fragment of me as a programmer is alive(working 12*7) the rest of my abilities are just being wasted@ (in terms of job/profession)!i think mush of indian talent faces this – more so with the BPO job profile of doing machinist stuff with higher productivity and cheap ratesp.sjust as breaking free from shackles of convention isnt easy for many organization policies/practicesthese kind of propositions pose as threat to many seniors of the organisation :-))

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