Enterprise 2.0 Tools Don't Address The Politics Of KM

I was reviewing an enterprise wiki implementation recently. This is a group that had impact across the organization on multiple divisions. The wiki was great. The customizations were great. But the people aspect had the 1.0 hangover. Only members of this group had access to the wiki while the implications of the knowledge that gets created was enterprise wide . This seems to be a common problem in many organizations experimenting with Enterprise 2.0. Its not about deploying tools; its about breaking silos and allowing a “true” read-write web to emerge. Groups that are primarily considered to be knowledge consumers need to be included in the new web of participation for true value to emerge. Enterprise 2.0 ecosystems , though bottom-up could still create silos of knowledge unless we proactively evangelize the fact that knowledge consumers are also knowledge producers. In a typical software company this could mean that a Wiki that the Quality group sets up needs to be open to the delivery teams for true knowldge churn to happen. Otherwise we have a new silo,accerlated by Enterprise 2.0 tools.


3 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Tools Don't Address The Politics Of KM

  1. You are right, deployment is only one half of the equation. The other even more important aspect is disrupting business as normal and the organisational need for command and control. From my experience either you need a senior champion who drives access to it with the force of their vision, or you need a small group who subvert the ‘normal’ way of doing business, who do not seek prior approval and ask for forgiveness once it has become too big to turn off 😉

  2. Very good point. The tools alone are not enough to change behviour. They need to be set in context that recognises existing practice.That is one aspect of what I was referring to in this article in Inside Knowledge recently.(waves to John)

  3. We’re taking the tend a small garden and let it proliferate gradually approach. It’s good to get people on board who really believe in the benefits of 2.0/collaboration and people who dig-in and make things happen. We have a small team who’s adopted wiki use and has pioneered ways to make collaborate and share. All the while we gather data on how much time this is saving us, and track all the avenues it’s opened up. We might not get everyone to change over, but by example we can convert a few more believers.

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