Enterprise 2.0 – Knowledge Exploitation?

Steve Hodgkinson of Ovum speaks about the implications of Enterprise 2.0 for CIOs. I second him on everything he says except the phrase he uses to describe this phenomenon – knowledge exploitation. This is bound to mislead key stakeholders in enterprises. Knowledge has always resided in conversations in social networks in organizations. Enterprise 2.0 catalyzes these informal interactions. It gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate outside the boundaries of your team, increases the chances of serendipitous encounters and de-freezes otherwise static knowledge.

What Ross Mayfield says on his blog is bang on target : “When you look at an enterprise as a large complex adaptive system, it is all too tempting to over-design it. The complexity has always resided in the social network, not in the assets of the firm. Traditional enterprise software tries to solve for complexity by taking it out of the social network and putting it into the software. Social software, however, keeps the complexity in the social network, and attempts to augment it with very simple rules to foster emergent behavior.”

Emergence is central to Enterprise 2.0 from a KM perspective – Not Exploitation.


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