Enterprise Folksonomies & Organizational Culture

I have been thinking about the connection between organizational culture and folksonomies in enterprises. An aggregated tag cloud from internal blogging systems, social bookmarking systems, employee profile pages, idea management systems etc., would possibly reflect the culture’s vocabulary.

If you think about it, every culture in organizations has its own vocabulary. For instance, in the company I work – we always say “HR” and never “Human Resources”. We always say “admin” and never “administration”. This is a cultural norm across the organization. The list goes on and there are probably a few hundred words that helps people get work done in an enterprise. I am sure this is true with other enterprises as well – though there could be local variations.

This common vocabulary may have an impact on enterprise folksonomies. Even when a significantly lesser number of people tag content, the chances of it getting into the right bucket seems to be higher – because unlike the internet, there is a stronger cultural influence on the vocabulary that is used to tag content within an enterprise.


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