Social Networks in India – Orkut Stands Apart!!

PC World has voted Orkut as the best social networking site in India. The news release itself is sketchy and does not delve into the details. The article says :

“In terms of user experience it is the easiest to navigate, with its straight forward, uncomplicated and clean interface. However, it may not be the best bet for those looking for business networking. It could also do with brighter colors. Orkut also faces some charges of unsuitability for an increasingly younger audience. “

Facebook & LinkedIn are not covered as a part of the study even though both are in the top 100 most visited sites from India. Facebook is the 22nd most visited site from India according to Alexa. Other serious contenders like Hi5, Tagged and MySpace and Bharatstudent have also been left out – All of these are in the top 100 most visited sites from India. Yaari ranks a distant 1600 in traffic and MingleBox 135 while ranks 30. Click here for a traffic comparison of Minglebox, Yaari and I just wish PC World had released a more detailed comparison report – both in terms of features and the sites covered as part of the study.


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