Aligning Social CRM & Enterprise 2.0

I have been reading Dave Evan’s new book on social media marketing over the weekend. I enjoyed reading some of his ideas around Social CRM and how it dovetails into E2.0. Of interest to me are the challenges in orchestrating internal collaboration and knowledge sharing mechanisms to take advantage of streams of conversations [ and the insights ] that a Social CRM program can bring in. All of a sudden, there are a whole range of questions to be answered :

  • Which departments need to see this stuff? – Operations, Marketing, R&D, Product Development?
  • Do you push this or do they pull it themselves?
  • Are they empowered to act collectively across department silos with the knowledge they have access to and would they [ engagement ] and can they [ technology] act? – Remember people can continue to act the way they have been acting always with access to new knowledge – I remember seeing a good Larry Prusak interview on how IBM missed the PC revolution even though managers had access to all the knowledge they needed to make the right decision.
  • Do employees have the necessary media/information literacies to leverage social tools for business impact? – Mike Gotta’s post on Enterprise Publics and the need for media and information literacies is a great starting point.  While Gotta speaks about “Writing” – we can easily extend this to other skills knowledge workers would need – bookmarking, aggregating, commenting, filtering, following, tagging etc.,

In summary, for organizations that are treading the social CRM space, it is pertinent to get internal collaboration mechanisms in place for real value to emerge – and it’s going to be more about empowerment, engagement and literacy [ media/information ] rather than the technology itself.


4 thoughts on “Aligning Social CRM & Enterprise 2.0

  1. I have never looked at Enterprise 2.0 & Social CRM as being distinct, or at least that they have a heavy overlap. The earliest I tried to jot down some of my thoughts was a year ago. Since then there have been many more from the Social CRM & Enterprise 2.0 “camps” that have been looking at this holistic piece. For whatever reasons Enterprise 2.0 gravitated to being purely about the technologies inside the enterprise firewalls and thus employee collaboration, knowledge management & learning.

    Thankfully the two camps are getting together at the E2.0 conference in Santa Clara next month. Hope we see better integrated strategies, frameworks & solutions in the future.

  2. @Dinesh

    In your opinion how much does cultural aspects influence Social CRM and how does one assess the collaboration potential of a company despite its processes and leadership aligned to empowerment, enablement and literacy.

  3. @Satts – I think it is absolutely important to have the right culture for social CRM and any other major change initiative for that matter -a culture that puts customers at the center. I do not know of a quantitative way of measuring collaboration potential though many consulting firms claim to have a maturity model like the SEI-CMM thing [ about which I have very serious doubts – we all know how CMM works on the ground ].

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